We brew Fries beer from Czech malt and hops and rely on the quality of spring water, the source of which we tap directly on the Friesovy boudy grounds. It is brewed by Jan Králík under the expert guidance of Richard Vetyška.

Our microbrewery is also located on the Krkonoše Mountain Beer Trail, which is a great idea for a trip and not only for beer lovers.

Why visit our Fries microbrewery ?

  • traditional beer production methods
  • proud bearer of the brand Original Krkonoše product
  • lies on the route of the Krkonoše Mountain Beer Trail
  • you will get to taste a refreshing beer with an absolutely beautiful view
  • tour of the brewery with the brewer can be arranged
  • master brewer Richard Vetyška oversees the production of Fries beer
  • pleasant accommodation on site with many leisure time opportunities

Taste the refreshing Krkonoše Fries beer

  • 12 ° Light - traditional Czech lager, brewed at our microbrewery, has a golden color and is prepared from three types of malts and Satu Mare hops called poloranný červeňák.

  • 13 ° Semi-dark - this semi-dark special is prepared from five types of malt. It is characterized by its rich aroma with a pleasant taste of roasted malt and mild bitterness.

  • 14 ° Semi-dark type Ale – aromatic beer of the American type, with cold hops special features. The result is a caramel taste and aroma that naturally complements a higher percentage of alcohol. Such a beer is just not normally brewed by microbreweries. Definitely try it!

  • We offer other types every month so you can also try: Saison 12%, American Pale Ale 12% - 13%, India Pale Ale 14% - 15%, Brut IPA 13%, Red IPA 14%, Semi-dark bottom fermented special 14% - 15%, Oatmeal Summer Pale Ale 8% - 10%, Sour Beer (Berliner Weise) 8%