Window to the Giant Mountains


Horský hotel Friesovy boudy
Strážné 95, 543 52

GPS: 50°42’0.061"N, 15°39’5.122"E

Tel.: +420 499 434 135
         +420 724 230 884

ing. Karel Polívka

DIČ: CZ7804273070

‌How to get here?

In summer
Drive your car to the hotel, where you will find plenty of free parking spaces.

The starting point of the journey by car is the car park "Strazne Lom", which is 1.5 km behind the village Strazne in the direction of Vrchlabi.

A detailed description begins at the beginning of the parking lot:

  • 0 km barrier at the beginning of the parking lot, cross the parking lot over the bridge into the forest uphill
  • 0,9 km start of meadow continue left along the meadow to Hříběcí Bouda
  • 1,2 km Hříběcí Bouda turn right and traverse through the meadow to „Klecanda“
  • 1.3 km Klecanda
  • 1.5 km junction ’Y’ continue left up
  • 5.0 km junction "T" turn right slightly up
  • 5.7 km turn left to the Friesovy Boudy sign

In winter
You leave your car in the guarded municipal parking lot at Strazne Lom (GPS: 50 ° 40’41.726 "N, 15 ° 37’13.698" E) and we will take you and your luggage to the hotel at a designated time. The starting point for the snowcat is at the garage marked Friesova bouda in its lower part. If you are unsure, the car park guards will be happy to help. :-)

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Horský hotel Friesovy boudy
Karel & Lucka Polívkovi

Strážné 95
54352 Strážné

Telefon: 724230884

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