Window to the Giant Mountains

Daily menu

Soup: Lentil 65 Kč
Garlic pork brisket with spinach and „furry“ dumplings 185 Kč
Chicken liver with bacon and rice 175 Kč
Fish burger in a homemade bun and sweet potato chips 175 Kč
Soup Frankfurter 65 Kč
Rosemary pork roast and cholent with vegetables 186 Kč
Paprika beef roulade with bread dumplings 175 Kč
Fried mushrooms with potatoes and tartar sauce 175 Kč
Soup: Pumpkin 65 Kč
Oven-baked ribs served with bread 185 Kč
Stuffed peppers with tomato sauce and yeast dumplings        175 Kč
Potato pancake filled with beef braised in red wine and vegetables 175 Kč
Soup: Cabbage and sausage 65 Kč
Baked pork ala Znojomo with potato gnocchi 185 Kč
Beef stroganoff with tarhana 175 Kč
Baked potatoes with meat and vegetables 175 Kč
Soup: Potato and mushroom 65 Kč
Beef dark beer goulash served with crackling flat bread 185 Kč
Roasted turkey leg with mushrooms and bulgur 175 Kč
Grilled Camembert with roasted potatoes 175 Kč
Soup: Bean 65 Kč
Bacon roasted chicken thigh with buttery vegetables 175 Kč
Szeged goulash with bread dumplings 175 Kč
Giant mountain mushroom and cheese puff pastry with cabbage salad 185 Kč
Soup: Tripe 65 Kč
Baked white pudding sausage and black pudding with sauerkraut and potatoes 175 Kč
Grilled pork chop with mashed peas and carrots 175 Kč
Pumpkin gnocchi with bryndza cheese and smoked meat 185 Kč

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