Daily menu

Soup: Cream pea soup with croutons 95 Kč
Beef cheeks in wine sauce served with potato pancakes 220 Kč
Grilled chicken breast with vegetables 230 Kč
Veggie burger with salad and BBQ sauce 220 Kč
Soup: Cabbage and sausage 95 Kč
Roasted pork neck with mashed potatoes 230 Kč
Turkey breast with mushrooms and rice 230 Kč
Spaghetti with sun-dried tomatoes, peppers and parmesan 220 Kč
Soup: Cream of broccoli soup topped with croutons 95 Kč
Beef shoulder with tomato sauce and dumplings 220 Kč
Buttery Nile perch with creamy potatoes 230 Kč
Mushroom risotto with parmesan cheese 230 Kč
Soup: Roasted tomato with basil 95 Kč
Beef cheek goulash with Jilemnice-style dumplings 230 Kč
Wide noodles with chicken and creamed mushrooms 230 Kč
Potato and cabbage cakes with sheep cheese 220 Kč
Soup: Frankfurt with sausage 95 Kč
Duck roulade with roasted grenailles 230 Kč
Grilled salmon with hollandaise sauce and grilled vegetables 230 Kč
Potatoes with skins served with Mejsnar milk kefir and herbal cream cheese 220 Kč
Soup: Vegetable cream 95 Kč
Turkey roulade with pumpkin-potato puree 230 Kč

Potato dumplings stuffed with smoked meat and served with cabbage

220 Kč
Roasted peppers stuffed with couscous and Mejsnar cheese 220 Kč
Soup: Broth with frittata noodles 95 Kč
Hamburg-style pork shoulder with bread dumplings 220 Kč
Roasted rabbit on vegetables with mashed potatoes 230 Kč
Groat risotto with vegetables and parmesan 230 Kč