Family story

How did our family adventure begin? Before I met Krakonoš (the Giant), I worked from morning to evening for a company in Brno, Czech Republic where I was responsibile for domestic trade and international marketing. My wife Lucka was an optician. But for years I felt like "this isn’t it" and I had hoped that the opportunity for an interesting and prestigious job would present itself, to make a change and start living my dream, even though I didn't know what the dream was. When the opportunity arose to go and make people happy right at the top of our country in the Krkonoše Mountains, I jumped on it immediately. Fortunately, I didn't have to convince Lucka much, she was already "jumping" with me.

During our time at Friesovy boudy, we have experienced everything you can and cannot imagine. The biggest test for us came in 2018, when I was hit by a car while running and I was fighting for my life. In the end, I won, but I had to learn to speak and walk again. For a hotel operator, with a year-old daughter at the time, this was a real test! But it's over now and the happiness of giving joy has never disappeared. When you arrive, we will give it to you too!

The Polivka family