Window to the Giant Mountains


Homemade pâté with cranberries and toasted bread 140 Kč
Pancake with herbs, quark cheese and smoked trout 145 Kč
Meat broth with liver dumplings and noodles 65 Kč
Dill soup with a poached egg 75 Kč
Giant mountain sour soup 75 Kč
Main course  
Potatoes with skins served with milk kefir and herbal cream cheese 140 Kč
Homemade gnocchi with sausage, beans and mushroom 185 Kč
Egg noodles with chicken, tomatoes and fresh cheese 195 Kč
Pork schnitzel with homemade potato salad 220 Kč
Aged pork steak with creamed chanterelle mushrooms and roasted
275 Kč
Chicken steak with roasted vegetables and plum sauce 240 Kč
Beef silverside steak with pepper sauce and fried pumpkin gnocchi 275 Kč
Childrenś menu  
Roasted chicken with mashed potatoes 110 Kč
Roasted chicken thigh with rice 110 Kč
Spaghetti pomodoro with cheese 110 Kč
Semolina porridge 95 Kč
Egg noodles with poppy seed and butter 95 Kč
Fresh leaf salad with tomatoes, parsley-lovage pesto
and Mejsnar farm cheese
175 Kč
Fresh leaf salad with chicken, bacon, parmesan and toast 185 Kč
Fresh leaf salad with grilled peppers and smoked trout 195 Kč
Giant mountain potato pancakes with plum jam and cream cheese 95 Kč
Dumpling with Nutella and hazelnuts 110 Kč
Blueberries with ice cream 95 Kč
Something to go with beer  
Roasted potatoes and quark cheese with herbs   95 Kč
Head cheese with onions 95 Kč
Pickled cheese, bread 95 Kč
Picked sausage, bread 95 Kč

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