To make your experience of making a booking or browsing our site as pleasant as possible, we use cookies. They allow us to improve our website or deliver content tailored to your needs.

How does it work?

A cookie is a small file that is stored on the hard drive of a customer's computer, phone or other device. This file records information about your previous visits to the site, such as the date and time, the last item you viewed, the URL of the page from which you clicked through to our site, the type of browser you used, etc. Ing. Karel Polívka processes on this website technical and analytical cookies necessary for the functioning of the website. If you have given us your consent, we also process cookies from you for marketing purposes.

We are a registered data controller

The company Ing. Karel Polívka, with registered office at Strážné 95, 543 52 Strážné, ID: 76224015, is a so-called personal data controller and is registered with the Office for Personal Data Protection.

Why do we use cookies?

We use these files to improve and develop the services we offer you on our website for analytical purposes or for marketing purposes if you have given us your consent. For more information, please read the section below What types of cookies are there and what do they make possible?

Is my personal data protected?

Yes. We use cookies in such a way that the user is not personally identifiable on the basis of the information and data obtained in this way, even when using other information available to us.

What types of cookies are there and what is possible with them?

In view of current developments in web technology, we use the following types of cookies:

  1. Required cookies are essential and help you move around the website and see certain features. For example, these cookies ensure that a booking is saved after you have entered your email before the order process is completed.
  2. Functional ones allow us to provide a more pleasant customer experience. These files help you store data about a booking when you make it.
  3. Performance ones help us understand the behaviour of our guests and potential clients. This allows us to continually improve our site to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible for you to make a booking.
  4. We use interactives to allow you to express your opinion, i.e. what you think about our services, products, website, etc.
  5. Contextual will remember your preferences regarding services and products. These files allow us to find out what you like and better target advertising. So, for example, when you browse search engine results, ads will be shown to you based on your preferences.

Is it possible to disable cookies?

Yes, it is possible, but you will lose many of the features that make our website more user-friendly. You can always change the settings on your device - the browser you use - to remove cookies or prevent them from being stored if you do not agree to their use. For information on how to adjust your cookie settings, please refer to the relevant help section of your device or browser. We have provided examples of settings for the most common browsers here:

Internet Explorer:

Mozilla Firefox:

Google Chrome: