"Green Well-being" with a high mountain view

"Green Well-being" with a high mountain view

Strážné in the Krkonose Giant Mountains, 1217 m above sea level, Hotel and guest house with complex services for your corporate activities.

"Green wellbeing"

Try forest therapy and forest mind methods with your team. These easy 2-3 hour walks and activities in the nearby forest with a guide will allow you to reduce stress, boost your immunity and dive into the present moment. 

Focus options

Green Wellbeing can also have a specific focus depending on the needs of your company, e.g.:

- team building

- stress management - communication in teams - feedback on

how employees perceive the company - creative processes and others.

‌Our instructors

Aleš Miklík

Certified Forest Therapy guide with the American ANFT Association. Member of the international consultant network “Wellbeing inspired by nature”.

Tamara Čermáková

Certified guide and instructor of the Finnish "Forest Mind" method.

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References of participants

Michaela Břehovská, Marketing Manager

"A walk through the forest recharged my batteries, calmed my mind and taught me to enjoy the forest with all the senses. After three hours I left feeling reborn and that lasted me the whole week. I believe it also benefited my immunity. And the surprise at the end of the walk was great :-)

I whole-heartedly recommend it."

Lucie Dvořáčková, HR Controller

"If you want to go for a walk in the forest, don't just go alone, but instead let yourself be accompanied. The lecturer will allow you to look at the forest around you from a new point of view, and actually look at yourself differently. Don't hesitate to be inspired like me."

Sandra Kůtková, Talent Acquisition Specialist

"Green Well-being clearly leads to the establishing of inner peace, during and after. Don't expect any barefoot errands through the dark forest, but rather great time spent with yourself and with the other participants. Tamara will walk you through the whole process in an easy-going way. P.S. I had never participated in any such therapy in the past and actually had no idea what it was all about - now I don't want to experience a visit to the forest in any other way;)."

From other participants:

“Before forest therapy I was very unfocused and my head was full of urgent thoughts. Now I am much more in my center, I feel inner peace and childlike joy."

“I can say it's a wonderful way to stop, slow down and feel the present moment as well as myself again, as if I were six years old again. In addition, this method you can get answers to many of your inner questions."

"After forest therapy, I am much more relaxed, in a good mood and with a strong sense of self-confidence."

A selection of other well-being activities:

- hotel wellness with a pool, hot tub and saunas

- yoga / massages / table tennis or table football tournament / creative workshop / liquor quiz / microbrewery tour / dog sledding in winter / DJ and dance

Space for work

restaurant club

- training room for 25 participants

- restaurant with a mountain view and a capacity of 80 people

training room

- club seating with a mountain view for 20 people

- projector, screen, sound system, Wi-Fi connection


In two newly reconstructed buildings 400 meters away from each other you will find accommodation for up to 120 people. It consists of two-bed or four-bed rooms and four-bed or six-bed suites


Regional specialities in a modern concept with the use of Giant mountain regional products. Rich banquets tailor-made to your requirements. 

Offer of coffee breaks and refreshments for both training and teambuilding activities. 


The area has two restaurants, with a capacity of 90 seats for each one. Part of the restaurant is also a club with a fireplace, bars, technology for brewing beer and, lastly, panoramic views of the Giant mountains. 


If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us

tcermakova@friesovyboudy.cz, phone 724 230 884.