What types of rooms do you offer?

Our hotel offers various types of rooms and suites. We offer seven standard double rooms with a double bed and a private bathroom, four exclusive double rooms differing in size than the standard rooms and the possibility of adding an extra bed or its own refrigerator and safe. From the apartments we offer four-bed and six-bed variants, which always contain two separate rooms with a common hall and a common bathroom. The total capacity of the Friesovy boudy hotel without extra beds is 66 people. At the Andula guesthouse we offer ten four-bed rooms, each containing a double bed and a bunk bed. We also have one four-bed and one nine-bed apartment. They are divided into two rooms. The smaller one for two, bigger for four and five people. All rooms and apartments are equipped with a private bathroom. The total capacity of the Andula guesthouse is 53 people not including extra beds.

Is it possible to park directly at the hotel / pension?

In summer - Yes, if you have booked a stay with us, you can park your vehicle in the parking lot at the hotel Friesovy boudy.

In winter - No. The nearest car park in the winter season and also the place from which the snowcat to the hotel or guesthouse is the Strážné - lom car park. This parking lot is located less than one kilometer behind the village Strážné. Parking is paid, in the amount of 70 CZK / day. For this amount, your car will be under 24-hour surveillance.

What time will the snowmobile run?

Each of the guests will be informed about the exact time of departure at least one day before their scheduled arrival. The time of departure is announced by the hotel reception in the form of a phone call, sms or most often in the form of email. One snowcat ride from the Strážné - quarry car park to the Friesovy boudy hotel / Andula guesthouse and back takes at least two hours, which is why departure times are in most cases set for each odd or even hour. The number of daily departures and pick-ups by snowcat is determined by the total number of departing and arriving guests.

What is the minimum / maximum number of people in a snowcat?

The maximum number of people in the snowcat is set at 20, but it also depends on the age, size of the transported people and the weight of the luggage. There is no minimum number, but it is connected with the possibility of using a snowmobile. Therefore, if the family or individuals can travel to the destination by snowmobile, this option is used for transport.

Is there a ski lift around the hotel?

Yes, directly between the hotel Friesovy boudy and the Andula guesthouse we run our own lift with an anchor bar at a length of about 800m. It is a blue type slope, so it is designed primarily for beginners and recreational riders and also for families with children. There is also a children's cable car next to the Andula guesthouse.

Do you also offer discounts for children?

Yes, we do. For children 7 years of age and under we offer a 50% discount on accommodation with breakfast, for children 12 years of age and under - a 20% discount.

What types of beds are in each room?

The Friesovy boudy hotel has 2-bed rooms equipped with double beds. 4-bed apartments always contain at least one double bed in one room and a double bed or twin beds in the other. We have three 4-bed apartments with twin beds in the second room. The 6-bed variants of the apartments contain a double bed in the first room and two bunk beds in the second room. At the Andula guesthouse, the 4-bed rooms are always equipped with a double bed and one bunk bed. 4-bed apartment contains two single beds in the first and second room. The last 9-bed apartment is equipped with a double bed and a bunk bed in the first room and a double bed, a bunk bed and a twin bed in the second room.

Does the price include breakfast?

Yes, the price always includes breakfast.

Is it possible to pay by card / benefits / tickets / meal vouchers?

Yes, it is possible. We accept the following types of benefits, which can only be used for accommodation purposes:

  • Edenred - vouchers and card
  • Sodexo Flexi pass, Sodexo Flexi pass CARD
  • Benefity.cz - card
  • Benefit-plus - map

Cannot be used for a non-refundable booking rate.

Booking conditions

How does the price of accommodation in the hotel differ from the guesthouse?

Accommodation at the Andula guesthouse is a cheaper option compared to the Friesovy boudy hotel. An example can be accommodation for a family of 4 in the summer season, with the absence of wellness or a TV in the room, a stay at the Andula guesthouse is 290 CZK / adult / night cheaper than at the Friesovy boudy hotel.

Is there a stove / fridge in the room?

For reasons of safety and energy consumption, cookers and other heat-conducting devices are not located in the room. Only 2-bed rooms exclusive to the Friesovy boudy hotel are equipped with refrigerators. However, kitchens are also located on each living floor of our buildings.

What does the kitchen upstairs contain?

Each kitchenette includes a microwave, fridge and electric kettle.

What does free entry to the wellness mean?

Each guest staying at Friesovy boudy hotel has unlimited access to the wellness. This free entry means a possible daily stay in the wellness from 9:00 to 21:00 or at a time determined by the responsible employee of the Friesovy boudy complex. The wellness at the Friesovy boudy hotel contains two parts, a zone with swimming pools, which is openly accessible, and a sauna zone, to which the guest can book their slot at the hotel reception. Due to the accommodation capacity and the size of the sauna, the reservation is limited to one entrance for a given room for one day within a time span of one hour.

What does wellness contain?

Wellness facilities at the Friesovy boudy Hotel include a counter-current pool, a children's pool and a hot tub. Together with four lounge chairs and its own bathroom with two showers, it makes up the first wellness zone. In the second there is a sauna department, which consists of a steam and Finnish sauna, an outdoor cooling pool, its own foot shower and three lounge chairs.

What type of sauna do you have in the hotel?

At the Friesovy boudy hotel we have two types of saunas available: a steam and a Finnish sauna.

How many people can use the wellness at one time?

The wellness is designed for a maximum of 20 people, but we always try to meet the customer's needs, so the upper ceiling of the wellness price for external interested parties is set at CZK 2,000 / 1 hour / wellness.

For how many people is the Finnish sauna?

Our Finnish sauna is designed for a maximum of 9 people.

Do we have to order food in advance?

If you do not belong to a larger group of unannounced diners, you do not have to order food in the area of Friesova bouda in advance. The Friesovy boudy hotel restuarant and the Andula guesthouse, unless otherwise stated, is open all day, in the normal restaurant operating hours.

How late can we order dinner?

All meals can be ordered up until 9 pm.

Do you offer half board / full board?

Our restaurant is open throughout the day and you can always choose any dish from our menu, so there is no need to order half board or full board from us. However, if you want to give your stay at Friesovy Boudy to someone as a gift, it is possible to prepay for room and board.

What time is breakfast?

Breakfast is served from 08:00 until 10:00. After that, the restaurant is closed until 11:30 for cleaning.

Is your Fries beer brewed at the FB Hotel or at the Andula guesthouse?

We brew our Fries beer directly in the restaurant of the Andula guesthouse. However, we serve it Friesovy boudy hotel as well.

Can I take a beer with me too?

Since we are really a mini-brewery due to our size, our production is sufficient only for the needs of the hotel and a guesthouse. However, it is possible to pour beer into a platic bottle with our logo and beer label. However, this beer must be consumed within one day of purchase.

Can we come with our pet?

With exception to crocodiles and dogs over a meter and a half, your pets are welcome with us and can stay free of charge. However, they must follow the rules of the hotel and guesthouse.

How much do you charge for a dog's stay?

Accommodation with dogs is completely free at the Friesovy boudy hotel and the Andula guesthouse.

Is it possible to book massages on site?

Yes, you can. Massages can be booked upon arrival at the reception of the Friesovy boudy hotel, or at the Andula guesthouse restaurant. However, the masseuse is outsourced, so we cannot guarantee availability on a certain date. Therefore, the best solution, if you wish to book massages, call in advance to the reception of the Friesovy boudy hotel.

Can we rent a scooter from you?

We would be happy to lend you a scooter at the Friesovy boudy hotel. We will also lend you a helmet for the scooter. The price for the set is CZK 300 per day.

Do you also rent the so-called "Chariot" bike trailer/stroller for babies?

Unfortunately, we do not have these types of bike trailer/strollers to offer. However, we have child seats, which can be attached to the frames of bikes and e-bikes.

What will the weather be like tomorrow / in a month?

Every employee of the Friesovy boudy hotel and the Andula guesthouse knows this and will certainly say it, really a lot, but when it comes to the weather, they are also lost, with an exact probability of 60%. This is the average accuracy of determining the weather forecast for the Czech Republic. However, you can always contact the reception of the Friesovy boudy hotel, where we would be happy to provide you with up-to-date weather information.

Is it possible to rent skis / cross-country skis / winter accessories from you?

At the Friesovy boudy hotel it is possible to rent cross-country ski equipment, including all accessories such as shoes, poles, waxes and waxing corks. The price of renting one pair of cross-country skis with accessories is 250 CZK / day. We do not rent skis or snowboards. All equipment for cross-country and downhill skiing can be rented at the rental shop in Strážné: http://www.xski.cz/

Is it possible to arrange ski / snowboard lessons with you?

Hotel Friesovy boudy also provides ski and snowboard lessons. We cooperate with the Xski school located in the village of Strážné. One of the staff of this school is always present at the hotel. However, due to the limited number of instructors and the increased demand, it is best to book an instructor in advance, preferably one week before your scheduled arrival.

How many instructors do you have?

There is always one instructor available throughout the day. In case of increased demand, more instructors can be ordered according to the customer's needs. Again, it is best to inform the hotel reception in advance about this situation.

How far is the nearest hospital?

The nearest hospital is located in Vrchlabí, less than a 45-minute drive from Hotel Friesovy boudy. In more serious cases, the mountain service is usually on site within 15 minutes.